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Expert Stump Grinding in Sacramento

Most people agree that the stumps left behind by tree removal are not the most attractive sight. For aesthetic reasons, many opt for stump grinding, but there are a number of other reasons to consider this service, too. A stump grinder can free up space, maintain attractive appearances, minimize risk and eliminate decay. These are just a few of the benefits Anderson Tree Company offers clients who invest in stump removal. We are the top stump removal service for clients in the greater Sacramento area, and we can provide the service you need, too.

Understanding Removal of Roots

Stump and root removal offers a range of benefits to clients. Many people mistakenly assume that removing a tree is sufficient action for preventing damage and problems, but in many cases, the additional step of treating the roots is necessary, too. We can do so through our professional process, which includes the following:

  • Remove any tree remains
  • Use tools to grind stump below ground
  • Extract roots and remaining growth
  • Dispose of all materials safely

Trusted & Reliable Service

The top of a tree is like the tip of an iceberg. Everything that you see above the soil is only part of the tree’s structure, and as such, there are often problems in the base or root that are hidden from the naked eye. If you notice any symptoms of such issues, it may be time to invest in stump removal. Anderson Tree Company offers comprehensive tree services, including tree trimming, so no matter what problem you are facing, you can trust us to tackle the job. Clients throughout the greater Sacramento area are welcome to call us at 916-973-8841 for more information or appointment scheduling.